Project Overview – Marcel Moyse’s 24 Little Melodic Studies

I have been studying, playing, teaching and pondering these 24 captivating etudes by Marcel Moyse for over 10 years. This site is a place to post audio podcasts with directions to help bring them alive, to share insights I have gathered, and maybe to hear from others who have further insights on these melodies. There are many people to thank for this ongoing project. Here is a beginning list:

Those who worked with Moyse directly and helped me annotate the 24 Petite Etudes for my doctoral project: Francis Lapp Averitt, William Bennett, Bernard Goldberg, Eleanor Lawrence (through her video). I never met Mr. Moyse, only learned some of his teaching via videos of him teaching. I am also indebted to Burton Kaplan who shared invaluable musical insights as I have played each melody, Keith Underwood for his endlessly inspired and generous teaching, Bart Feller for his musical guidance and getting me started in these melodies, and Richard Hoenich for helping to bring my own insights into the light.

There are others who I learned from by reading articles in flute magazines or through books. They include Marilyn Shotola, Trevor Wye, Joan Marie Baumann, Rachel Lynn Waddell, George Pope, Andrea Kapell Loewy, Peter Schultz, Ann McCutchan, Julia Bogorad, Nancy Andrew, and Michel Debost. There are more who I have exchanged emails with or spoken with at conferences. I will include names as they come up. And I hope many of them will check in and add to this project as it develops.